18×9 AodHan LS007 5X114.3 +30 Gold Rims Aggressive Fits Civic Rsx Accord STI

Finish doesn’t match, Good for those who wants to customized their own color , no bends, no cracks. We cannot…

19×9.5 AodHan LS002 5X112 +35 Black Rims Aggressive Fits Audi A4 S4 (Used)

Boxes may be damaged, items may have small imperfections, scuffing, etc. From improper packaging during the return process or mounting…

2x Hubcentric Wheel Adapters 5×120 to 5×114.3 12×1.5 studs 20mm 0.79 Inch

Spacer Width: 20mm (0.787 Inch) each side. Bolt Pattern: 5X120 to 5X114.3 (Fit 5X114.3 wheels onto the 5X120 hubs). Center…

(2) Wheel Spacers Adapters 5X114.3 5X4.5 1/2-UNF STUDS 25MM 1 INCH

Spacer Width: 25mm (1 inch) each side. Bolt Pattern: 5×114.3 to 5×114.3 (Equivalent to 5×4.5 inch). Center Bore: 71.6mm. Spacer…

Used Set 16×8 Avid1 Av19 4X100 +25 Silver Rims Fits Civic Delso Miata E30

Wheels were mounted, There’s some sign of tire marks left on the wheels. We cannot stress this enough. The fitment…

Watch This Before You Buy Wheels And Tires
26 CA87 Style Satin Black Wheels Fits Cadillac Escalade Platinum ESV EXT Rims

Up for sale is a NEW Set of (4) 26 Aftermarket Cadillac Escalade Model Number CA87 Wheels in a Satin…

New Winter Wheels And Tires Golf R Vlog 31
17×9 AodHan AH06 5X100 +35 Bronze Rims Aggressive Fits Wrx Neo Celica Frs (Used)

We cannot stress this enough. The fitment chart above is based on the information we have available to us and…

Mounting Tires On Beadlock Wheels Do It Yourself Really

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